The PeriSight Archery Sight: Pure Instinct - No Guesswork
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Dear Customer,

Thank you for buying the most revolutionary bow sight since the invention of the pin sight. We hope you like your new PeriSight and it provides you with years of satisfaction.  In order for your sight to meet your and our high expectations, we will pass on some of the things our team has learned as we have developed, tested and hunted with this sight.

Sighting-in is easy. But before you install your new sight, please do the ‘PeriSight Challenge’ that was included in your shipment. When you do sight in, first determine your practical longest shot you expect to take. This is typically around 30 yards for most of us. Subtract 10% and sight in at that distance. (ex: 30 – 3 =27 yards) We suggest you practice and add / subtract to this distance for a while, then if you want to optimize the sight for your specific equipment, first have your arrow/broad-head combination choreographed (please don’t guess) and then send us an email. Once we know what accuracy and/or distance you are looking for, we can provide you some advice to help you dial in.

While we might not call a pair of mirrors a precision optics assembly, there are some things of note. For the best optics the mirrors are glass and a really hard, direct hit can crack them. They are replaceable. Cleaning the mirrors is simple - carefully wipe a clean cloth across them. If you encounter greasy fingerprints, lightly dampen a cloth with Windex and wipe to remove the prints, allow to dry, then wipe with a clean cloth to remove streaks. If you plan to hunt in the rain, we suggest beforehand to dampen a cloth with Rain-x and lightly coat the mirrors. In all likelihood as you use the PeriSight and become more comfortable with it, you will ‘look through’ the grime and droplets as your eye focuses on your target, not the mirror surface.

The housing is made of ABS plastic. While this is a tough, engineering thermoplastic material, it is not completely bullet proof. The housing may soften at high enough temperatures, so be sure to store it out of elevated temperatures. Finally, while we have tested many compound bows, there may be a new bow model that this sight may not fit. Contact our Customer Support within 30 days to learn how to obtain a full refund.

You will notice the aim-point is not your typical illuminated pin. We hope you like our dot, as it will allow you to get on-target faster. Light is provided to the aim-point by a fiber bundle at the base of the housing. We chose green since it is in the center of the human spectrum of visible light so as to minimize visibility issues. If you prefer red and yellow fibers, we can provide them as a special order item. We also have replacement green fibers if you damage yours. If care is taken when carrying or transporting your bow / sight, it is difficult to snag the fiber with a branch, etc. The fiber can be easily replaced if needed. Since the fiber is FRAGILE, please do not remove it just to see how it works. Too much bending will break it or interrupt the light from effectively transmitting to the back of the mirror.

Included with your PeriSight is an accessory UV light. Under normal conditions you will not need this additional light source to see the aim-point. However, if you are shooting from inside a dark blind with minimal natural light, etc. you may want to try it out. At the bottom of the housing is a loop with an O-ring. Simply screw the UV light into the loop until it bottoms out. The light turns on/off by holding the threaded section and turning the knurled section. This is a very basic off/on light, no variability. Any standard off the shelf UV light will work. CAUTION: do not use the UV light during practice sessions, as it will loosen with each shock of arrow release and eventually fall out. Every bow combo is different, but expect it to fully loosen in as few as 10 shots. We understand this is not optimal, but wanted a shock-mount in the event that your bow is dropped on the UV light at the bottom of the housing. Replacement O-rings are also available.


PeriSight Installation:

  • After you have taken the PeriSight Challenge, remove your old sight.
  • Similar to your old sight, mount your new PeriSight to your riser using the two included screws (screwed loosely into the end of the bracket for shipping). You can use either set of mounting holes in the bracket. Tighten the mounting screws securely with the included Allen wrench.
  • Slightly loosen the windage screw with the included Allen wrench, to allow the PeriSight to slide left and right. Hold up your bow with an arrow knocked and look through your peep (string) and move the PeriSight to closely align with the arrow/string line. Tighten the windage screw.
  • Get-on-Paper: Use your ‘least favorite’ arrow. At your archery range, set target distance at approximately 10 yards and fire your arrow to see where you hit. Adjust the elevation and windage as necessary to hit close to center.
  • Sight-In: Determine your practical longest shot you expect to take. This is typically around 30 yards for most of us. Subtract 10% and sight in at that distance. (ex: 30 – 3 =27 yards) This is known as the calibration distance. Adjust the elevation and windage as necessary to hit dead on center.

* Please note, the PeriSight does not change the laws of physics, just harnesses the trade-offs for your benefit. Unless your arrow is uber-fast, you will not be able to attain the accuracy you want over a greater than practical distance. But feel free to experiment -

  • Once sighted in, you are ready to practice. Once you have practiced enough to become confident in your new archery set-up, you are ready to hunt. Shoot Straight!
  • If you want to optimize the PeriSight for your specific equipment and needs, first have your arrow/broad-head combination choreographed (please don’t guess speed) and then send us an email. Once we know what accuracy and/or distance you are looking for, we will provide you some advice based on our calculations and experience to help you dial-in your range & accuracy.


Change from RIGHT-HAND to LEFT-HAND orientation: The PeriSight is shipped to you in either the left or right-hand configuration as you requested. If you wish to change this, it is easy:

  • Remove the 2 button head screws from the interior of the housing with a xx/32” Allen wrench.
  • Place the 2 screws & lock washers into the holes on the opposite side and tighten securely. Do not overtighten as this may damage the housing material.
  • (Re)mount your PeriSight, sight-in, practice and go hunting.