The PeriSight Archery Sight: Pure Instinct - No Guesswork
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News-Flash from the tree stand.

We have been asked by several interested parties if the PeriSight has any advantage when used from a tree stand. Up until recently, we have simply replied “that it works like most sight from elevation and to compensate as you normally do by aiming low”.  Well, we finally did the math and were very surprised to learn that based on the elevated sight line geometry, this effectively compensates for the reduced effect of gravity as the archer aims downward. Frankly, this is an unexpected bonus. The bottom line for our customers that hunt from a tree stand (as most of us...

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Range Finding Improvements

Range finding Improvements I recently received my March 2018 Bowhunter magazine and read it from cover to cover – as usual. While I am not so much into reliving other hunter’s exploits, I like to keep up on the latest technology, how it is being used in the field and to look for opportunities for improvement. Therefore, it was with great interest that I checked out Chuck Adams’ BIG GAME HUNTING TIP on range finding improvements. These TIPS typically focus on a specific tool or issue and explain how to do it better. I always learn something from Chuck. Chuck...

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We have sights back in stock.

We have finally filled our backorders and have sights in stock again.  Please get yours while they last.  We are trying to keep up but expect to sell out again before Christmas.

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Oh dear!!! Good News and Bad News

A huge thank you  to all the archers who purchased a PeriSight during our sale. That's the good news.  The bad news is were are currently out of stock, and our sale was while supplies last. So sorry, but the sale is over for now.  For those customers who were in the process of deciding and were in contact with us before we ran out, we will honor the sale price and take a back order.  Just contact us again to choose right or left handed and we will get you set up.  You will get priority and free shipping...

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Getting Ready for Hunting Season

Just to let everyone know, we are currently doing some inventory checks to get ready for hunting season and might not get back you on inquiries as quickly as usual.  Of course any inquiries from customers who have already purchased their PeriSights will be given first priority.

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