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Range Finding Improvements

Range finding Improvements

I recently received my March 2018 Bowhunter magazine and read it from cover to cover – as usual. While I am not so much into reliving other hunter’s exploits, I like to keep up on the latest technology, how it is being used in the field and to look for opportunities for improvement. Therefore, it was with great interest that I checked out Chuck Adams’ BIG GAME HUNTING TIP on range finding improvements. These TIPS typically focus on a specific tool or issue and explain how to do it better. I always learn something from Chuck.

Chuck writes, “It seems there is always a better, faster way to do anything in bowhunting as technology progresses. For many years I carried 10X binoculars, a belt attached laser range finder and a handheld inclinometer (angle meter). Using all three on an animal was often effective, but the three optical instruments required too much time in fast-moving situations.”

His TIP goes on to say, “With quality range finding binoculars now available, I have discovered how to speed up the ranging and angle computing process. My chosen unit weighs about six ounces more than standard 10X binoculars, but features and easy right-click button for instant one-handed distance calculation, and a second right-click button that gives the precise shooting angle in degrees. This unit has increased my shooting speed at least 10 or 15 seconds over my old system. In 2017, I bagged three animals I would not have got a shot at had I been using my old system of binoculars, rangefinder and angle meter.”

Apparently, Chuck has not kept up with the latest technology. What if he could eliminate the need for both the rangefinder and the inclinometer. Therefore, shaving way more than 10 or 15 seconds off shot time AND totally removing the mental gymnastics required to range, pick the best pin and compensate for the angle.  Don’t underestimate the advantage of not having to carry these 2 devices on your up-country hunt or to click the multiple buttons with your gloved fingers. While the brand of the 3 in 1 unit was not mentioned, you could set yourself up with an awesome new bow for their price. He may still need to carry his binocs for the extra magnification, sorry Chuck.

Apparently, Chuck has not heard of the PeriSight. If the target is in your predetermined kill range, this new single “pin” sight eliminates the need to know the distance. It also compensates for the down angle associated with tree-stand hunting. PeriSight uses the simple idea of elevating the sight line to align with the arrow’s trajectory - where it matters. You could almost say there is no thought needed, just aim and release. You can find out more about this sight at the website:  Simpler is always better.


Cheaper is better, too. But that news will have to wait until Monday...Stay tuned.

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