The PeriSight Archery Sight: Pure Instinct - No Guesswork
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YES!!!  After a few misses and setbacks, we've finally made it.

The PeriSight TM, is available for retail sale.  We only have a limited quantity right now, but we're working hard to produce more. Hopefully, before we sell out.


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  • Scott S on

    We are getting out there! Thank you for visiting with us at AJ’s Archery this weekend. We had a great time talking to all you archer customers about your hunting style and the PeriSight. Lots of interest and lots of questions. And we were actually selling! Special thanks to John and Adam for letting us hang out with them for 2 days. And thanks to our friend John Brown who said he would shoot this sight, IF he wasn’t under contract with PSE to only use their equipment. He tried it and was convinced. The hunting season is just around the corner, so give us a try. You won’t regret it.

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