The PeriSight Archery Sight: Pure Instinct - No Guesswork
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The PeriSight TM

Pure instinct, no guesswork


Simplify The Perisight TM eliminates half of the steps for a simpler & faster shot:

  • acquire target,
  • range target,
  • determine pin,
  • draw/shoot;

Error Proof – no need to mis-estimate the distance to the target ever again;

  • PerisightTM will hit where you aim – no guesswork.
  • Substantially reduce your misses and misplaced shots.

Reduce Draw Weight – no need for a faster, flatter shooting bow to improve your


  • Those of us that would prefer a lighter draw-weight or a smoother cam can now have it all - with the accuracy of the fastest bows - with one “pin”.
  • The primary reason hyper-fast bows are all the rage, is that they fire an arrow on a flatter trajectory, so you can approach using a single “pin” for all ranges – PerisightTM uses the line of flight and levels the playing field.


     Growing up in the northeast United States afforded us an opportunity to experience the wonderful fishing, boating, hiking, camping and hunting opportunities that abound here. Most of us had a bow and arrow set as kids. These are some of the oldest hunting tools and have only seen real evolution in the previous century with the modern compound bow, multi-pin sights, rests, releases and new arrow materials. Many of us never outgrew the love of archery and continued on to use this equipment to target shoot, hunt big game, small game, fish and even birds - for the truly gifted.

Every archer knows that aside from poor form or an improperly setup bow & equipment, the #1 reason for missing their mark is misjudging the distance to the target. The really awesome shooters have an eye for estimating the distance and visualizing their sight picture to deliver an arrow exactly on target. For the rest of us, we have to spend hours and hours practicing. Not only must we practice our form and build muscle memory, but we also must develop our built in range-finder. The majority of us don’t hunt professionally, so we have a day job and a family and all the other responsibilities that come with maturity. Until now, there has been no way to avoid poor shot placement, except by putting in the practice hours.

PerisightTM Inc. is made up of a small team of innovators who love being outdoors. The aim of our research and development team is to revitalize the sport of archery and enable the 21st century archer to make every shot more effective. Our goals are to “accurize” and simplify the process of arrowing a target. More importantly to maximize our enjoyment of the limited time we spend outdoors.

By asking the right questions, understanding
current technology and    breaking some rules, we have enabled the modern archer to visualize  their sight-line along the most important section of the arrows flight.  This  innovation completely eliminates the need for the archer to estimate the  distance to their target. A single pin, non-adjustable bow-sight that  requires no estimation of the target distance? Indeed, this is a bold  claim. Our tagline: Pure instinct, no guesswork says it all.
As long as the target is in your hunting range, this single pin sighting arrangement will put the arrow exactly where expected – every time. Bow set up is easy: simply sight in on the single “pin”. But actually we keep breaking the rules: the sight pin has been eliminated. Instead of the ubiquitous sight pin, the archer has an illuminated aiming point. This aim point is a glowing fluorescent dot centered in your field-of-view. The illumination is provided by a large diameter fluorescent fiber. As seen in the photo, you simply align the dot with the target and release.


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